Topographic Analysis Tools Software

Create TIN and/or DEM

The Create TIN and/or DEM tool allows you to derive a TIN and raster DEM in one step.


Create TIN and/or DEM


  • Point Cloud Shapefile
    • point shapefile containing the original surveyed z values. This file can be created using the Create Point Feature Class tool located under the Data Preparation tab.
  • Extent Polygon
    • polygon shapefile of the survey extent for the point cloud shapfile. This can be created through in GCD with the Create Survey Extent Polygon Tool.
  • Spatial Reference (optional)
    • can be in the form of a .prj file or a shapefile that contains a spatial reference.
  • Cell Size of DEM (optional)
    • The cell size to for the DEM, this option is only activated once the user checks the *Create DEM *option. 2 feet is currently the default


The outputs for the Create TIN and/or DEM tool are:

  • TIN(optional)
    • TIN created from the original surveyed values contained in the point cloud shapefile. This will not be output if the user selects the *Delete TIN *option
  • DEM(optional)
    • DEM created from the TIN. This is only created if the user selects the *Create DEM *option.

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