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Welcome to the Topographic Analysis Tools website. TAT is an ArcGIS Add-In, which allows working with large point-clouds in a GIS environment and prepping data for geomorphic change detection. The toolbar commands were in GCD 6, but since GCD 7 now has no ESRI-specific ArcObject and geoprocessing depencies (and many of these TAT tools do), to maintain access to these tools for GCD 7 Users, TAT was born. We may continue to add generic topographic analysis tools to TAT, which might be of general interst. As there is currently no funding to support TAT specifically, this toolset is not actively under development.


This toolset grew out of James Hensleigh’s Masters Thesis and project led by James Hensleigh of ET-AL for the Idaho Power Company River Engineering Group on the Hell’s Canyon Bathymetric Surface Differencing Project. Primarily, we sought to recommend peer reviewed and scientifically defensible methods that facilitate accurate geomorphic change detection of MBES data by adhering to best practices in the fields of topographic surveying and analysis. The recommended methods address field data acquisition, data post processing, and change detection using post processed data.

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Research Supporting TAT

ToPCAT - ToPographiC Analysis Toolkit

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MBES Toolkit - Multibeam Echo-Sounding Toolkit

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