Topographic Analysis Tools Software


TAT is not currently under development.

Most Recent Funding

The refactoring of the tools from GCD 6 and MBES toolkit into the TAT ArcGIS Add-In, was paid for by support from NERC and donated time from North Arrow Research.

Original Funding

Funding for this project and the MBES toolkit was originally generously provided by Idaho Power Company to Utah State University (PI:Joe Wheaton. This funded the refactoring of a wrapper on ToPCAT, such that it facilitated easy operation within an ArcGIS environment, and easy integration with GCD. In addition, the funding also covered the devlopement of tools for implementing the Uncertainty Analysis Tools from James Hensleigh’s Thesis

Past funding for TAT, under the umbrella of the Geomorphic Change Detection Software development was provided by the National Science Foundation, USGS’s Grand Canyon Monitoring & Research Center, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and Idaho Power Company.

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